Hitting the CE Spot

Learn how to make women your best customers

In the survey, six in 10 women reported initiating or being involved in the buying process. And while women tend to consider TV, DVD players and other traditional CE products “shared” household products versus men who claim full ownership, they are more likely to claim ownership of e-readers, notebook computers and cell phones.

“Women like products that are easy to operate but they also want something that is the right size and weight for them,” Boothe said, noting that younger females are attracted to devices that perform multiple functions and tend to be more interested in product style, brand popularity and color. On the whole, however, women are still more likely to choose standard black or silver over pink and other colors.

Women are embracing CE more than they had in the past because they’re using tech tools every day to stay in touch with family and friends, manage time and save money, said Suzanne Kantra, founder of Techlicious.com, a technology website geared to women. “Technology is a staple today” and the smartphone is becoming the tool of choice for more and more women. “It’s not just calling or texting anymore,” she said. “Women are browsing the Internet, using apps and doing all sorts of things that typically had been a little geekier and maybe more in the male domain a couple decades ago.”

Ladies Love to Shop but…
It’s no secret that many women like to shop but CE stores aren’t necessarily high on their list of shopping destinations. Only 30 percent of the women who participated in the CEA study described the “general electronics store” as a place that appeals to women, even though nearly all said they visit such stores two or three times a year, the same as men.

The problem is many CE stores do very little, if anything, to engage female shoppers. “Women tell us that the No. 1 reason they shop at a retailer is that it’s a ‘store for me,’” Cutting said. “In other words, it’s personal. I go in there and I connect with the people in the store that feel like I feel about my family and what I do with my life. Many specialty stores are not good at that.”

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