Leisure-Time Activities of Teens

The following is a partial list of leisure-time activities of teens. Watching TV is the number-one teen leisure activity, as it is for adults too. (Percent of teenagers participating in selected activities during the week prior to the survey, and number of hours teens spent participating in the activity.)

Activity Percent participating Number of hours

Watching TV 98 11.2

Listening to FM radio 96 10.1

Listening to CDs, tapes 95 9.5

Hanging out with friends 88 8.6

Talking on phone (local calls) 87 6.2

Doing chores/running errands 82 4.3

Reading magazines for pleasure 76 2.8

Reading newspapers 75 2.5

Exercising/working out 75 5.1

Playing sports 72 6.3

Using a computer at home 64 4.4

Shopping/hanging out at malls 60 3.1

Watching rented videos 56 4.1

Going to movie theaters 54 2.4

Cruising in cars 52 3.7

Playing home video games 49 3.1

Playing computer games 48 2.4

Using the Internet 44 4.8

Using a computer at school/elsewhere 40 2.1

Working at a regular paid job 38 5.9

Using an online computer service 37 2.6

Playing online games 21 1.3

Going to concerts 18 0.9

Source: TRU Teenage Marketing & Lifestyle Study

Gen Y Likes and Dislikes

Though the range varies depending on

the source, most marketers agree that

the Generation Y demographic was born

between 1975 and 1994. Following is a

partial list of Gen Y likes and dislikes:

Likes Dislikes

Originality Slick marketing

The environment The mainstream

Honesty Status quo

Vegetables Cubicles

Virtual reality War

Source: “Street Trends” written by Janine Lipiano-Misdom and Joanne DeLuca

We’ve learned that the eastiest

way to look stupid is to try and

stay hip with this crowd.

By Jim Pearse

Vice President of Marketing, Ultimate Electronics, Inc.

Tech-savvy Generation Y is the largest, influential buying segment.

But let’s face it, we’re not all MTV.

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