New IdeaPads, Tablet To Come From Lenovo

Intel-powered notebooks and 7-inch tablet coming to market.

Coming off the recent release of new tablets, Lenovo is capping off the summer of 2011 with more product introductions, including new notebooks and yet another tablet. Company reps released details in a webcast early this week.

Michael Littler of Lenovo’s consumer marketing, product group explained that the notebook series is comprised of the IdeaPad U300s Ultrabook, IdeaPad U300 and IdeaPad U400.

The U300s and the U300 include second-generation Intel Core processors and are 13.3 inches wide. The U400 is 14 inches and includes an integrated DVD-RW and AMD Radeon graphics in addition to the second-generation Intel Core processor.

According to Littler, the key design and engineering features include a thin, light and fashionable construction.

“We created a notebook inspired by the profile of a book with it’s flat edge,” says Littler. “It is crafted to naturally reinforce the function of learning, exploring and inspiring.”

The U300s is 14.9mm thick, the U300 18.3mm thick the U400 22.6mm thick. They are 1.34kg, 1.58kg and 1.98kg, respectively.

Some of the other distinctive features include long battery life, breathable keyboard and RapidDrive SSD, which is responsible for boot-up in seconds.

The U300s battery provides up to eight hours of production use or 30 days in standby. The U300, six hours, and the U400, seven hours.

The breathable keyboards draw air in and expel it through the side vent and rear hinge, preventing the notebook from getting hot on your lap. It is ideal, they say for use in bed, calling it “pillow-proof” technology.

The RapidDrive SSD technology allows the U300s to boot in 10 seconds. The U300 and U400 are 16 seconds and 17 seconds, respectively.

Because consumers judge many products on their “feel,” Littler explained that the notebooks’ design concept concentrated heavily on this fact. The notebooks are crafted with one sheet of aluminum to make them light- the surface anodized and sandblasted so it is resistant to daily wear. With the breathable keyboard, the notebooks are vent-less; and the touch pad is larger and made of glass, which Littler said makes it smoother and easier to use for navigation.

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