LG Buying webOS From HP

LG is buying HP’s webOS platform from HP, mainly to use it as a platform to develop smarter connected TVs, Dealerscope has learned. The deal is scheduled to be announced this morning in California.

CNET was first to report the deal.

“The big advantage for us will be SDK. It’S very easy to use and has a large developer base,” an LG spokesman told Dealerscope. “It’s open, it’s transparent, and we will let developers experiment with it.”

HP acquired the software platform when it bought Palm in 2009. HP, which never made a serioys investment in the smartphone market, couldn’t quite figure out what to do with the platform.

“It’s very exciting that we’ll be able to create smarter capabilities in TVs on our own,” the spokesman said, adding the the open-source OS will give LG more opportunities to create innovative apps and feature than working with a third party, such as Google TV.

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