LG Shapes Up With Fitness Band and Heart Rate Headphones

Enters wearable fitness space with Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate Earphones

LG Electronics at CES took the wraps off LG Lifeband Touch and LG Heart Rate Earphones, two wearable products that mark the company’s first foray into fitness tech.

Lifeband Touch is a smart activity tracker that integrates with heart-rate monitors and smartphones, while the Heart Rate Earphones provide users with a way to measure their heart rate while exercising. The two devices can wirelessly link up to each other, creating a seamless wearable eco-system. Connected to smartphones (Android and iOS supported), the devices can transmit data to theLG Fitness app or to third-party apps, such as MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper or MapMyFitness.

Lifeband Touch features a touch OLED panel to display time, biometrics, incoming calls and music controls. The built-in accelerometer and altimeter allows the device to measure performance indicators such as distance, speed, number of steps, calories burned and projected pace. The information is visible with a swipe of a finger on the OLED display, eliminating the need to view the data on a smartphone, although the device incorporates Bluetooth to transmit data to a smartphone or receive data from third party devices, such the Heart Rate Earphones.

The Heart Rate Earphones feature PerformTek sensor technology, which measures blood flow signals from the auricle, the external part of the ear to capture accurate biometric data such as heart rate and maximal oxygen consumption. A clip-on medallion connected to the earphones provides Bluetooth connectivity. Both devices will heat retail shelves this spring.

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