LG Launches First 4K TVs

LG Electronics said Thursday that its first 4K Ultra HD TVs are now on sale for the U.S. market. The new products were unveiled at an event in Los Angeles, along with retailer Video & Audio Center.

The flagship model of the line is the 84-inch 84LM9600 model, which retails for $19,999.99.

“Picture quality has always been LG’s foremost priority, one that’s especially important now as manufacturers scale TVs to meet the trend line pointing toward larger and larger class sizes,” Jay Vandenbree, senior vice president, LG Electronics USA, and head of LG’s U.S. home entertainment business, said in a statement.

“We were instrumental in developing the HD standard and, similarly, our goal now is to pioneer Ultra High Def technology to create the crisp and immersive viewing experience consumers are currently missing with large-screen TVs.”

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  • nightwing

    Nice. Now give me a 60 inch model for $5,000 and you can have all my money. 84 inches is a bit overkill..

  • kay

    Your still stuck with PASSIVE 3D are you kidding me! If im dumping that kind of money into a TV either give me active or no 3D so i dont have a stupid FPR on my screen messing with my picture when im watching 2D 90% of the time!