LG, Samsung Come Out on Top of TV Shootout

ValueElectronics.com held its annual TV Shootout event in Scarsdale, N.Y., this week, and TVs from LG and Samsung shared the title of “King of TV.”

LG’s 55EC9300 OLED TV won the most voting categories, while Samsung’s F8500 plasma model received the highest overall score, leading to the first tie in the history of competition.

“For the first time ever we are announcing a tie in popular vote between LG’s EC9300 OLED and Samsung’s F8500 plasma, with Samsung’s KN55S9C OLED as the expert calibrator’s top pick,” Robert Zohn, President of Value Electronics, said in a statement.

Also on hand, Zohn said, were Dewayne Davis, expert calibrator, Joe Kane, Co-founder or ISF and President of JKP, Kevin Miller, CE Industry Consultant and expert calibrator, David Mackenzie, Blu-ray compressionist and expert calibrator, and Dr. Larry Weber, American Scientist and creator of plasma flat panel TV.

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