LG, Samsung, hhgregg Founders Lead CE Hall of Fame Class

The Consumer Electronics Association this week announced this year’s induction class for the CE Hall of Fame. The class includes founders Byung-Chull Lee of Samsung, In Hwoi Koo of LG, Bjorn Dybdahl of Bjorn’s, Charlie Ergen of Echostar and Dish Network and Fansy and Henry Harold Gregg of hhgregg.

Also entering the hall later this year are International Tape Association founder Larry Finley and the inventors of the computer mouse and HTML (Douglas Engelbart), the VSB digital TV transmission standard (Richard Citta), satellite radio (Robert Briskman) and the charge-coupled device (Willard Boyle and George Smith.)

The inductees were selected by an industry panel, and the induction will take place in October at the CEA Industry Forum in San Francisco.

“This elite group of leaders has laid the foundation that our industry continues to build upon,” CEA President and CEO Gary Shapiro said as part of the announcement. “Their vision, drive to excel and enthusiasm have helped to create the innovative CE products and services that have improved the lives of consumers worldwide. It is a pleasure to recognize this prestigious group.”

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