Livio Radio Links Apps & Cars

Livio Connect App connects car hardware and digital audio.

At CES 2012, Jake Sigal, founder of Livio Radio, outlined an inherent problem with between apps and vehicles-there’s no easy way to get the apps into cars.
“The market is growing with the number of apps, but there can be six to seven different types of radios found in cars,” Sigal explained. “There isn’t a protocol to get all radio apps into cars. There needs to be a standard.”

As a result, Livio has introduced its solution-the Livio Connect API, software licensing technology that allows apps to meet cars.

Livio Connect enables radio apps to interact with the hardware in cars to provide access to digital audio content seamlessly. Livio Connect is built into CSR Bluetooth chips, reaching millions of vehicles with Bluetooth technology, and allows consumers to access and control digital audio apps via mobile phones.

Additionally, through Dice Electronics, Livio Connect has aftermarket audio integration into vehicles from a broad range of major auto manufacturers. The technology works with Android, iOS and Blackberry.

Current app partners include 977 Music, AccuRadio, Digitally Imported, Grooveshark, jacAPPS, Live365, the Livio Car Internet Radio App, and Rdio.

Livio has also partnered with TargetSpot, digital audio advertising network. Through this partnership, TargetSpot’s advertisers will be able to reach an audience of listeners comprised of 65 percent of the automotive Bluetooth market as well as drivers of major auto brands.

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