Livio Wants FM Radio to be a Two-Way Street

Livio Founder and CEO Jake Sigal

Livio has spent the last year opening up to app developers with Livio Connect, but now, CEO Jake Sigal sees an opportunity in traditional radio he’s calling FM Connect.

“We’ve gone airborne,” says Sigal. FM Connect takes the traditional FM radio signal and creates a two-way link between the broadcaster and the Bluetooth connected smartphone. As an advertisement or FM content plays, a driver could press one button on the car radio to pull up navigation to a local business, buy concert tickets, call up a station, cast a vote, or more. Sigal calls this “enhancing FM advertising.” It presents the opportunity for a retailer to offer hyperlocal ads or sponsor social media, traffic and weather updates.

At 2013 CES, Livio also announced news for its Livio Connect platform. Livio’s API will now be at “freemium” pricing for app developers, which the company hopes will open the door for new app partners. Sigal highlighted some of the new apps working with Livio including AccuWeather, InRix, and Parkopedia.

Sigal also noted new automotive partners, Johnson Controls, KPIT Cummings, and Visteon Corporation.

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