Logitech to Sell Harmony Remote Division

Logitech Harmony Touch

Logitech, following a disappointing quarter, plans to sell off its remote control and digital video security divisions, the company’s new CEO Bracken Darrell said, according to Engadget.

The company posted a loss of $180 million in the recent quarter, with Harmony sales falling 55 percent based on units.

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  • don bendell

    I am a big Harmony One fan, I am bummed,but that is what you get when Amazon sells them below our distributer costs and retailers find alternative remotes to start selling.
    Real nice Harmony!! Thanks for ruining for all of us who supported you..

  • No longer sells Logitech

    Logitech does the same game over and over. They come out with a great product, try to protect thier retail partners/buddies, dump the goods to Best Buy, the goods end up on Amazon, Amazon blocks the item(s), then Amazon lowballs the price effectively "killing" the competition so that no one can sell them and the dealers flee.

    First the remotes, soon thier earphones ….

  • don bendell

    To Darrell Bracken,
    What did you expect, Harmony has not invested in the custom channel in years! When was the last time Harmony showed up at Cedia? When was the last time you had an effective custom retail distributer, promoting and selling to the custom guys? No, Logitech, just whored themselves out to the Amazons of the world hoping to produce volume but never got any feedback about how to maintain an edge. You let guys like URC, RTI, come in and take all your market share because they could make a profit on the products they sell. See, it just goes to say that Amazon, Best Buy produce volume, but that to sustain and profit from a product, you need the custom channel and independants for the "Bread and Butter". So long to a great product, So long to all those manufactures who are learning the hard way that big boxes, Amazons of the world do not sustain growth! When you ALLOW these types of selling margins to disappear, dealers migrate to others who sustain profitability into their products and grow the marketshare even if it means selling a subpar product in the meantime!