Logitech Will Stick With Harmony Division

Logitech's Harmony Ultimate Hub

Logitech said Thursday that it will back away from plans to sell off its Harmony remote product division. The announcement came as Logitech announced the new Harmony Ultimate Hub product.

“The company has determined that retaining ownership is in the best interest of its shareholders,” the company said in a statement. “The Harmony product line has gained momentum following the April introduction of the Harmony Ultimate product, which is available in major retail locations including select Apple stores in the U.S., and has exceeded the company’s expectations for customer connections.”

The Harmony Ultimate Hub product, part of that line, is an “appcessory” for consolidating all remote controls in one smartphone-based hub. It will arrive in August at an MSRP of $99.99.

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  • don bendell

    Hey CEO of Logitech!!!!!

    A clip from your authorization form to sell Harmony remotes,

    These strengthened agreements are the cornerstone of a multi-tiered strategy to identify, target and

    suppress unauthorized Gray (transshipping) and Black Market (counterfeit) sellers, both Internet and brick

    & mortar. We take our brand and market position very seriously and are investing significantly to protect

    and promote our valued and indispensable Authorized Dealer network.

    AMAZON PRIME — $198.99 Retail MAP = $249.99 Real Nice Buddy!!! Sell The division to someone who cares!!!!!