Low Consumer Interest Seen For 4K

More than eight in ten broadband users have never heard of Ultra HD/4K TV- and even those who have consider it too expensive.

According to research released this week by The Diffusion Group (TDG), “more than eight in ten adult broadband users have never heard of or are unfamiliar with 4K/Ultra-HD televisions.” In addition, less than 10 percent of adults consider themselves moderately or highly likely to purchase such a TV at its current price.

“This is not to suggest that price is the only variable at play in the decision not to purchase a new 4K/UHD television,”TDG President Michael Greeson said as part of the announcement.

“Nonetheless, it is two-to-one the primary reason cited by those unlikely to purchase a new 4K/UHD set. The next closest reason for a lack of interest was that non-buyers ‘were perfectly comfortable with the televisions they currently use,’ cited by 26% of this same segment.”

The full study, Benchmarking the Connected Consumer, is available here.

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