Lytro Debuts Second Camera

Lytro, Inc. Tuesday announced the sequel to its popular firm camera. The new camera, which much more resembles a traditional camera than its predecessor did, is called the Lytro Illum.

“With Lytro Illum, creative pioneers — ranging from artistic amateurs to experienced professionals — will tap into a new wave of graphical storytelling. Now artist and audience alike can share an equally intimate connection with the imagery, and, in a sense, jointly participate in the magic of its creation,” Lytro CEO Jason Rosenthal said as part of the announcement.

“By combining a novel hardware array with tremendous computational horsepower, this camera opens up unprecedented possibilities to push the boundaries of creativity beyond the limits inherent in digital or film photography.”

The camera will ship in July at an MSRP of $1,599. The Illum is available for preorder from

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