Making the Case for High-Performance Audio

Thirty years in the CE industry have taught me a lot of lessons. One of the most important lessons I have learned is to never give up on growth. Growth is about removing false barriers and positioning your business and marketing it in ways that engage new customers on their terms and while captivating their passions.

In talking to dealers and retailers today, it appears high-performance audio and home theater are categories where the mentality is mostly tread water, and not grow. Mainstream consumer interest swirls around soundbars, wireless multi-room audio, Bluetooth and headphones, but the fact remains, a quality speaker, subwoofer, AV receiver and source component setup provides the best entertainment experience.

There’s plenty of nascent passion out there, but fewer places for the ardent audio and home theater enthusiast to tap into when building a system or upgrading components. The opportunity is there; you just have to view the market in new ways.

The Customer Base Exists
Focusing on the generally accepted high-demand categories obviously makes sense, but every revenue stream should be viewed as a potential growth opportunity. During the golden age of hi-fi, passion and performance ruled purchasing decisions, not wealth and demographics. What I have found in the past few years is that there is a very active and fervent high-performance audio and home theater customer base that has fewer and fewer ways to engage their passion, and it represents a huge growth opportunity for those who learn how to reach them. Layer onto this observation the fact that 90 percent of all CE purchases begin with some kind of Internet research, and the model for engaging customers emerges.

Embracing the Internet and social media and learning how to use them effectively as a communications and customer engagement tool are some of the most importance lessons I’ve learned, and it’s an ongoing learning process. The Internet gives customers easy access to a lot more information and gives them the opportunity to interact directly with brands they are interested in. Why not take full advantage? It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to immediately figure out a way to sell product on your website. Building an effective online sales platform is a smart idea, but cultivating an online presence that taps into people’s interest and passions and engages new customers should be the top priority.

Gary Yacoubian is CEO and president of SVS, a supplier and designer of high-performance audio products, and a CTA Audio Board member.

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  • rheiblim

    Thank you Gary, well put indeed. There are certainly lots of people with passion for music and video and taste and budget if you run toward them with your product and service. As you put so well though, this must be presented, communicated and delivered as today’s consumer requests. It may seem like a lot of change, but that is the table stake of life.