Marantz Debuts PM7005 Amplifier

Marantz has announced the debut of what it’s calling its new “stereo star”: The PM7005 Integrated Stereo Amplifier. The product, featuring on-board USB-DAC functionality, is expected to arrive in August.

According to the release:

The PM7005 delivers a powerful 2x 80W into 4 ohm, while the symmetrical circuits ensure perfect image balancing. To guarantee best sound quality, the PM7005 includes high-grade audio components, current feedback HDAMs and a high-speed instantaneous current power supply. It also comes with the same high grade speaker terminals as used in the bigger PM8005 for the best possible speaker connectivity. It is simply perfect for music lovers wanting both excellent music quality and a maximum of flexible operation, which is provided by the highly versatile DAC-mode.

The MP7005 will arrive in August at an MSRP of $999.

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