Maxell’s Dual-Pronged Marketing Courts Youth Market with mtvU Sponsorship, ‘Blow Away Guy’

The iconic image of a man being “blown away” by Maxell speakers.

The official Web site for Maxell’s contest with mtvU.

Maxell teams up with MTV on campus filmmaking contest, called “Best Film on Campus”

The company has made good marketing use of youthful interest in a venerable icon via integration of the image on all packaging and literature, and by selling posters. T-shirts and other branded items on the Maxell Web site.

“It’s been a big success and helped to reinvigorate the brand,” says Patrican, “plus we’re the only media company with such a continuous branding element. And of course, our customers, our retailers, like to see this category being promoted.”

One of the best personal measures of success of Blow Away Guy, says Patrican, is the reaction his college-age son’s poster got when it was tacked up on his door; all his dorm mates, he says, decided they absolutely had to have one.

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