MERA Consolidates Offerings Under “Mobile Electronics” Brand

MERA announced that its magazine, association trade show and its retail channel partnership program will all fall under the Mobile Electronics moniker. This also applies to MERA’s software and service offerings, MAID Installation software and Fit Guide product/vehicle database.

Chris Cook, president of the new Mobile Electronics group, said in a press release:

“Each of our businesses, in their own way, are focused on helping manufacturers reach retailers and retailers reach consumers. At the same time, there are several areas in which efforts are duplicated and opportunities for efficiency are overlooked. What we want to do is combine all our products and services so that we can offer more value to our manufacturer partners and a complete, integrated support structure for our retailers.”

The benefit of the “One Brand, One Voice” structure is that manufacturers can partake in several initiatives via one transaction.

The restructuring named Kerry Moyer as vice president of strategic partnerships for the group.

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