Meridian Special Edition Loudspeakers Are Available

Meridian announced Monday that its new Special Edition Loudspeakers for its 25th anniversary are now available. The speakers include the Special Edition DSP8000 SE, DSP7200 SE and DSP5200 SE.

In addition, owners of the DSP5200, DSP7200 and DSP8000 speakers are invited to upgrade.

“The new Special Edition DSP Digital Active Loudspeakers from Meridian provide the most revealing, lifelike and powerful performance of any Meridian loudspeakers to date,” Meridian chairman Bob Stuart said as part of the announcement.

Developed from expertise honed over more than 25 years of true research and continual system development, these new Special Edition loudspeakers specifically benefit from Meridian’s scientific research into how humans perceive sound, or ‘how we hear’, in particular focusing on how our brains process live sound.”

See the anniversary page for more information.

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