Metra Unveils Ultra-Thin EHD HDMI cable

At CEDIA Expo, Metra introduced a brand new ultra-thin HDMI cable as part of its Ethereal High Definition Program.

The new EHD cable from Metra is available from one to five meters in length and is only three millimeters thick, making it even thinner than an iPhone cord. The thin size helps cut down the mess in AV racks and light weight will save money in shipping.

The EHD cable is a dealer-only product that starts at $33 for the one meter length, and ships in an anti-static bag in a metal tin. In a nice touch it also comes with six color-coded inserts to make help with organization.

The one to three meter cords are 40 gauge, while the four and five meter cords are 36 gauge, and the cords always deliver 10.2GB. The EHD has a built-in programmed chip, so there is no need for a balun, restorer or other external products.

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