Mike ‘Sparky’ Detmer Elevates Leadership Skills at Azione Conference

A clear highlight of the Azione Unlimited Spring Conference was a presentation by noted CE industry consultant (and Technology Integrator columnist) Mike “Sparky” Detmer. Entitled “Elevate Your Leadership!,” the session was conducted on March 21, the third and final day of the conference, held at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.

The purpose of the session, which was presented exclusively for Azione dealer members, was enable the Azione dealers, who typically run their own local businesses, to become better leaders of their respective teams.
Detmer kicked off his meeting by presenting his “Five Business Tools for Elevating Your Leadership Capabilities” representing the main points of his presentation:
• Having a clear vision for your future
• Knowing the mission of your company
• Communicating core values that resonate through your enterprise
• Leveraging your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
• Making sure a plan puts all of these capabilities into play

A Clear Vision
Examining the vision tool of his structure, Detmer asked the attendees, “What is the vision for your business? Ask yourself: ‘Do I want a lifestyle business (which he defined as a company that exists solely to fund the lifestyles of its owners—homes, cars, boats, etc.—without concern for its future or legacy)? Do I want something to pass down? Or sell?

“Where do you see your business three to five years from now?,” he asked the dealers. The answers to these questions—the vision they had—would be invaluable in helping them determine how they would lead their company, he told them.

What’s the Mission?
In the mission component, Detmer told the dealers to ask themselves why they go to work each day—what would they like to accomplish in those days? “What do you want to be known for,” he added. “What unique contributions do you offer?”
He also asked them to consider how they would explain what they do—could they concisely sum up their work and its purpose if asked? These exercises would help them determine the mission of their business.

Core Values
Presenting the values segment, Detmer offered a quote from a book he said he plans to write: “If your vision and mission are what and why, your values become how.” The primary question in determining a company’s values, he said, was “How do I expect my people to act?”

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