The Next Big Thing in Consumer Electronics

Mobile devices,connectivity, quality AV enhancers point the way

Each summer and winter, CEA takes stock of the consumer electronics industry via its forecasts. We typically offer the same disclaimer: there are no magic powers at our disposal, but our unique methodology provides us with an effective way to make confident predictions about the future.

In fairness, no one has needed a crystal ball in recent years to ascertain what has been happening in consumer electronics. The one-two punch of smartphones and tablets has been the industry story.

While overall CE sales continue to grow, with total 2012 revenues in excess of $200 billion (a 4.7 percent increase year-over-year),this momentum is largely being driven by the categories producing mobile and connected products. More than 80 million tablets shipped last year, generating $30.8 billion, a 93 percent increase over 2011. Smartphones also showed no signs of stagnation, moving over 111 million units and generating $33 billion, a 21 percent year-over-year increase.

Even as we celebrate the success of these devices, we must acknowledge that as certain sectors flourish, it’s often at the expense of mature product categories. For example, we see the ongoing effects mobile devices (especially smartphones) have had on the camcorder and digital camera markets. As we grow accustomed to high-functioning products that perform multiple tasks, we reach an inflection point where new adoption in one arearesults in attrition elsewhere.

At the same time, innovation always has been the lifeblood of the CE industry. Even within categories that have attained substantial household penetration, new applications and functionality help keep familiar products fresh. Whether it’s Blu-ray players perfecting streaming capabilities or audio receivers integrating MP3 accessibility, shrewd manufacturers havestudied present trends to ensure they have a future. Even digital displays, the products that dominated the last decade, continue to advance, with larger screen sizes, smart applications and the integration of LED technology.

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  • hikealongpete

    You’re so wrong Sean. The biggest thing is going to happen in 2013/14: Video exploring, surveying and video mapping earth, making Google Earth’s and Microsoft’s Streetview look so 2000. hikealongpete, Video Mountaineer of TrailVista.

  • macstardes

    With other words you do not know.
    Well, if you don´t have something to tell – why do you waste my time ?
    Did you not attend CES ?
    Did you not see the explosion in Wiffi/NFC connected devices for tracking personal date in fitness, health care, Seniors tech? Did you not experienced the great integration of home appliances into ce systems and social media?
    Didn´t you saw the advantage light and home automation controls.
    Do you know that in Europe nobody heard of 3D printing.
    Choose your favorite and predict somethin from the inside.
    If you can´t – well as a senior account manager you should. At least have a junior who could prepare it for you ; )
    And yes, I am angry you wasted my time.

    product manager

  • JonPhillipsSF

    Great headline… but the read was not very rewarding. The "look forward" was delayed to page two, and when we get there, the opinion/analysis was just a reiteration of what we already know.