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Any Way You Go

October 24, 2008 By Brett Solomon
Mobile electronics accessories are always the shining star in the profits of specialty retailers. There are the entry level accessories with extra features built in, such as high-end interconnects and power distribution. After that are step-up accessories, the ones that come after you’ve sold a head unit or a pair of speakers. With the customer rapport established, it’s much easier for the salesperson to say, “By the way, while we have your dashboard apart, we can install this for you at a discount because we’re already halfway there.”

Next comes closing conversation for the big money-maker: “Would you like my installer to create a special mounting pod that will be really slick? None of your friends will have it installed like that; it will look like it came from the factory.”
Ahhh, the beauty of a logical progression. Not only have you made money on the accessory, you can make even more profit on the installation. But don't limit those sales to the car. After all, boats, RVs and even motorcycles are ideal candidates. Here is a look at some of the winning accessories going into next year.

One cool item Parrot dealers are looking forward to is the SK4000 Bluetooth hands-free motorcycle kit, which allows the user to safely store a phone in the saddlebags while an unobtrusive headset mounts to the helmet. The phone book contacts are aurally read so the driver doesn’t have to take his eyes off the road. The system also automatically adjusts the volume as wind noise increases. Moreover, FM radio or digital music stored on the phone can be broadcasted through the headset. When the rider is finished for the day, an AC/DC charger gives juice to the helmet headset. The whole works is controlled by a five-button remote control that attaches to the clutch handgrip.

So a customer comes in and wants some better sound from their new BMW or Lexus, most likely looking for more bass. As dashboard design and OEM electronics become more complicated, sometimes it makes sense to retain the factory head unit. But that doesn’t mean installers can’t add high-power audio in addition to the extra bass. The Peripheral Electronics PCH8 Line

Output Converter integrates aftermarket amplifiers into factory car stereos. Even systems with multiple amplified channels (such as high-end Bose systems) can be “cracked” with the PCH8. It accepts two, four, six or eight amplified speaker-level signals and converts them into a high-quality preamp level signal. Installers don’t even need to search for a turn-on lead: The unit will automatically turn itself on when it senses a music signal. An optional subwoofer level controller gives the customer what they desired in the first place.


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