The Benefits of Omni-Channel E-Commerce

Why mobile electronics specialty and accessory retailers should embrace new strategy

In today’s internet driven retail shopping environment, nothing may be more important to the mobile electronics specialty and accessory retailer than partnering with branded manufacturers like, Cobra Electronics, who embrace omni-channel commerce.

Omni-channel commerce is the evolution of multi-channel retailing, but it is more concentrated on a seamless approach to the consumer experience through all available shopping channels: mobile internet devices, computers, brick-and-mortar stores, television, radio, direct mail, catalog and so on. Simply put, the consumer who shops today does so with any connected device, does it all the time, and from anywhere. Omni-channel commerce is the process that seamlessly connects shoppers with retailers.

The function of omni-channel commerce that is so compelling to the mobile electronics retailer is the link from the consumer’s Internet shopping process to the purchasing and delivery process. Branded manufacturers, like Cobra Electronics, who practice this new form of commerce provide the consumer with the ability to connect from the brand’s product, to buy that product online and to pick up that product at the most convenient store location. Any specialty retailer who is in the brand’s omni-channel store network and order exchange system will now receive the customer, the customer’s money and the opportunity to build the customer relationship, all because of the partnership with the brand and the mobile electronics accessory retailer, and all without having to invest in their own e-commerce system.

Even as online shopping becomes increasingly popular, there still remains an instant gratification need for consumers following their shopping transactions. Ordering online typically requires several days to a week for delivery unless you pay a premium for rapid delivery, and with today’s digital-era providing online content – movies, TV, books, music, news – instantly, the latency and costs involved in online shopping can often leave consumers underwhelmed in their shopping experience. This objective to make purchasing locally more convenient and accessible is what motivated Cobra to effectively merge the company’s online site with its local retailer partners’ online shops and brick & mortar locations.

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  • theselfthinker

    This is a very viable strategy for the brick and mortar, specialty store. Sending a customer to your door!!! ALREADY SOLD PRODUCT!!!!! This is the type of corporate cooperation with dealers that the dealers need to push for, Cobra should have there floor presentation and dealer base double over the next year if any dealer out there has a brain, they should be putting their dollar where their mouth is, and insisting that other manupackagers do the same!! Vote with dollars!
    From former Manufacturer’s rep with over 20 years in mobile electronics field. I got out of the business because I couldn’t look my friends, the dealers, in the eye and tell them we wanted to help their business, not the internet. This is a way that the internet can be a positive force in our industry, getting people talking to people at real stores, not some guy in India answering an instant chat session. And since purchase is already made, actual cash advantage Cobra,win win win scenario= customer wins(actual gets product with someone to teach them about it and sell them accessories for it’s best useage) Dealer wins(chance to deal directly with customer in a supportive position(not fight with the customer to make the sale against the internet jockeys,not to mention money in the register!) Manufacturer wins because of all the above, less returns, and let’s them deal wholesale like a manufacturer, not a store. Happy customer, happy dealer, happy manufacturer. Now just execute, execute, execute! and execute (fire!) anyone who plays the system against instead for.