Monster Rolls Out Celebs, Models and Plenty of New Gear

But where the Monster team really pulled out all the stops was in the crazy growth category of headphones. The company’s partnerships with celebrities, designers and sports figures is legendary, but this year Monster took it to an entirely new level with:

***A skyped Nick Cannon talked live about joining forces with Monster to empower today’s youth with the NCredible lifestyle products including the new NTune On-Ear Headphones (SRP: $129.95) and the Nergy In-Ear Headphones (SRP: $69.95), both available now.

All NCredible products combine performance and style with fun, common-sense convenience features, in a hip, stylish package designed to empower today’s youth through music and reflect energy, optimism and vitality. Cannon, a musician and TV host, was on hand to tout the products.

“Music has a very important place in the lives of young people. How they listen, how they share and how they express their passion for music are all things that empower them to grow and learn,” Cannon said. “That’s why I am so thrilled to be partnering with a company like Monster, which has such a strong commitment to great sound and to providing the very best music listening experiences possible.”

Earth Wind and Fire’s Verdine White was also on hand to talk about the band’s partnership with Monster in developing the new “Gratitude™” (SRP: 229.95), specially created high-performance in-ear headphones.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees and 8-time Grammy Award winners Earth, Wind & Fire wanted headphones that were specifically engineered and tuned to faithfully reproduce the true harmonics of live music and the sonic details of each instrument, resulting in a more natural, immersive and vibrant listening experience.

“Earth, Wind & Fire is legendary for their instrumental virtuosity, perfectionism and attention to detail,” Lee said. “This is a band that has been so incredibly influential and that literally defines great musicianship, passion, positivity and funk.

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