Smart Fish Unveils a Kinder, Gentler Keyboard

Smartfish’s Alan Shafer and Dr. Jack Atzmon show off the descriptive packaging of their new motorized keyboard.

After spending several years of development and fine-tuning the product, as well as scoring several million dollars in funding, Smart Fish Technologies is ready to release its Pro:Motion Automatic Moving Keyboard.

Dr. Jack Atzmon, a former chiropractor and founder and CEO of the New York-based company, designed the keyboard in collaboration with the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York.

The motorized keyboard, Atzmon said, is designed for optimum comfort and shifts position at certain intervals to help relieve strain and prevent repetitive stress injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. The robotic technology is designed to track the user’s typing activity and then determines when the keyboard should reposition itself.

“We hope to soon have a family of related products,” Atzmon said, adding that a mouse and gaming controller should be available by the summer.

The company has already racked up almost $2 million in advanced orders for the keyboards (MSRP $149) from retailers, including J&R Electronics and Fry’s Electronics, Atzmon said.

To help consumers gain a better understanding of what the keyboard is designed for and how it works, the company has included a large flap on the top of the box with a full product description.

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