MTX Audio Launches Connected Commerce

MiTek’s MTX Audio brand said last week that it launched its new Connected Commerce strategy at International CES, to positive reviews from 12 volt dealers.

The Connected Commerce allows dealers to host a webstore through and direct customers there, to purchase anything from MTX’s catalog. The dealer receives a guaranteed margin in the form of a commission check, and MTX handles the transaction, warranty, and delivery.

“Our Connected Commerce strategy is a radical departure from the status quo,”Mike Roberts, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Mitek Corporation, said in a statement. “Going into the CES show we knew that some dealers were going to love the program, some were going to hate it, and some were going to take some time to digest the benefits.

“We all were very pleased with the reception the program received and the feedback we got at the show. We nearly doubled our target goal within the first two days and we anticipate increasing that number as we are able to reach out to the retailers that were unable to attend the show and visit our booth.”

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