MTX Seeks Higher Margins Through Higher Altitudes

MTX is running a promotion to award an MTX mountain bike to dealers who place qualifying orders

MTX thinks the way to a home theater/custom dealer’s heart is through his calf muscles.

That’s why the company is fielding a spring promotion awarding a limited-edition MTX Audio-branded Trek mountain bike worth around $400 to dealers who place qualifying orders of a certain size for MTX Audio products from now through May.

The promo, open to both new and existing retailers, is designed to “try to get dealers interested in higher margins,” Mitek’s vice president/general manager of residential audio, Al Congdon, said. “We don’t think they should settle for 50 points on our competitors’ products, when they can get 65 to 70 points with ours.”

Mitek is going so far as to send dealers who make the cut both a letter and a tape measure, says Congdon, to make sure the bike that is dispatched is custom-fit for the user.

“MTX already has superior products, programs and prices but with this promotion, we aim to improve everyone’s profits — and their health,” says Congdon.

Editor in chief of Dealerscope
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