Nationwide Touts CE Growth

Nationwide Marketing Group said this week that it added 130 new consumer electronics members and 358 storefronts- comprising $500 million in buying power- in 2012.

“With over 1,200 CE dealers, our presence in the industry is bigger than ever”, says Tom Hickman, Senior Vice President of Electronics. “We are well on our way to meet our goal of doubling the CE business over the next twenty-four months.”

Also this week, Nationwide East announced a new tool for its members, a tool for sales data, volume information and rebates. The Snapshot tool offers an overview of exclusive deals available to group members.

“The Snapshot program provides Nationwide East’s current members a detailed analysis of the benefits they are taking advantage of, as well as opportunities they could be taking advantage of to render a more successful business,” the company said in a statement. “Independent retailers can also utilize Snapshot to showcase what potential new members are missing out on.”

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