Nest, Samsung, Partners Unveil Thread Internet of Things Group

Google’s Nest has teamed up with a group of partners, including Samsung and ARM, to create Thread, described in a CNET report as “a new standards group to try enabling the so-called Internet of Things.”

“Most of today’s technologies rely on a single device to communicate with products around the home. So if that device fails, the whole network goes down. Today’s technologies can also be difficult and confusing to set up. And since many devices around the home need to stay connected 24/7, they end up draining battery life quickly,” said a statement on the Tread homepage’s about page.

“That’s why we designed Thread. We wanted to build a technology that uses and combines the best of what’s out there and create a networking protocol that can help the Internet of Things realize its potential for years to come.”

Also involved are Freescale, Silicon Labs, Yale and Big Ass Fans.

See the full presentation here (PDF link.)

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