NETGEAR Aims to Improve Smart Home

New products and upgrades provide fuller solutions

NETGEAR CEO Patrick Lo expanded his company’s ongoing mission to “connect everyone” to broadband services by rolling out at 2013 CES several new products – a low-priced wireless night surveillance camera, a broadband signal extender, smart TV devices. (check) – that are designed to improve the smart home experience.

“This is a way to expand beyond speeds and feeds and to extend more connectivity solutions into the smart home,” he said during NETGEAR’s press conference. “Our belief is that everything in the home that runs on electricity should be connected. We’re excited to make a consumer’s home the smartest in the neighborhood.”

One product aimed at doing that is the VueZone Add-On Night Vision Camera (SRP $129.99), part of the company’s VueZone Video monitoring solution. The two-part system features a separate infrared lamp and a wireless camera.

The camera, which can be placed away from the base station and in a different location than the lamp (as long as the two are pointed at the same area), can automatically detect motion, record and store an event, and send an alert to the user’s wireless device. A separate waterproof shell can be used to protect the camera from the elements.


NetGear upgraded its Push2TV wireless display adapter to handle the streaming and transfer of content from smartphones, tablets and notebooks to a TV. The new PTV3000 is Wi-Di and Miracast compatible, and can display content in up to 1080p HD and surround sound.

NeoTV PRIME with Google TV

The new GTV100 streaming solution uses the NeoTV player to access and stream content, while the NeoTV Prime provides access to Google Plays full library of apps. NetGear has also added Sling Media’s SlingPlayer to hundreds of channels on the NeoTV Streaming Players.

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