New Age Electronics Exclusive Distributor For Google Chromecast

Distributor New Age Electronics announced Tuesday that it has reached deals to become exclusive North American distributor for three next-generation products, including Google’s Chromecast streaming dongle, company president Fred Towns told Dealerscope.

The other products include the “robotics and entertainment” manufacturer WowWee, and the high-definition hands-free video eyeware provider Pivothead.

WowWee demonstrated its new MiP robot at CES, while Pivothead showed its eponymous product as well.

In an exclusive interview with Dealerscope at International CES in Las Vegas, Towns talked a bit about how he sees the market going in 2014. He sees a big year in particular for products at the sub-$300 price point, which are easily giftable. These include peripherals.

“The headphone product is on fire,” he said, as well as Bluetooth speakers and wearables, including smartwatches.

Towns added that he sees female customers emerging in a big way in the electronics category. 2014, Towns said, is going to be “a fun year.”

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