New Age’s Towns on Tablets, Showrooming and Best Buy

So more and more you’ll see hands-on experience in the store, and how to use that product. I think the role of retailer will be how to guide that consumer in, and see how they’re going to use that [product,] from a usability standpoint.

Q: The other thing that’s been in the news is Best Buy, with all the turmoil the company has had with executives, its struggles and more the possible takeover. What do you think about what’s happened with that, and are you rooting for Best Buy to succeed?

A: I think it would be horrible for the industry if Best Buy left the industry. We’re big fans of a companies like Best Buy that go out there and represents a wide array of products, for the vendor community and give a good example of retail.

Retail has evolved, and when you look today at content, it’s gone more to a downloadable type-thing. So now of course Best Buy is trying to evolve and change their store plans and meet the need of where that product is going.

I think it would be bad for the industry to lose that many retail opportunities, to view product. And it would be bad for retail to not know there’s a hands-on experience.

Q: Someone in one of the panels this morning brought up the idea of uncertainty, in regards to the election, and you’re hearing that a lot in the business world in general, that we’re not going to know what’s going on [economically] until we know who the president is going to be. Do you feel that is something that’s a consensus?

A: I think most of the people that have been in this industry for many years know that an election year has people nervous, no matter what industry you’re in. Our product has gone away from luxury and more into necessity items. And if your necessity item breaks, you’re going to go get a new one.

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