Newegg Cracks the Shell on New Sales Promotions

Newegg, the second-largest online-only retailer in the United States, has announced several promotions for the month of November that are all designed to reward their customers and make their holiday shopping hassle-free.

The company is ringing in a month-long sales event called Black November. As a kickoff to the event, in each shipment made by the company to customers on Oct. 31, the package contains either an orange or golden egg. The orange eggs contain everything from small discounts to Newegg beanies; the golden eggs contain $1,000 Newegg gift cards.

Newegg sent out several cartons of plastic eggs to media members this week to spread the word about these promotions. Inside the carton, amidst the normal-looking eggs was an orange egg containing a USB drive, containing a video detailing what customers could hope to be rewarded with.

Newegg is also running its Iron Egg Program from Nov. 23 to Dec. 24. The program extends the company’s return policy to 60 days makes customers eligible for Newegg’s Price Guarantee Service. Under the guarantee, Newegg refunds the difference for products found at lower prices elsewhere online.

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