NPD: Curved TVs Are Back

Curved TVs, thanks to new high-end models from the likes of Samsung and LG, are making a comeback worldwide, according to research released this week by NPD Group.

NPD’s Quarterly TV Design and Features Report found that 800,000 units of curved TVs will ship worldwide in 2014, a number expected to reach six million by 2017.

“The novelty of curved screens is expected to wear off with time, leading to shipments peaking and then tailing off,” Paul Gray, director of European TV research for NPD DisplaySearch, said as part of the announcement.

“Even so, curved screens will have completed the important task of differentiating new high-end models, thereby helping to boost overall value in the global television market.”

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  • Robert Serio

    First we were curved back, then everyone said it added distortion and linearity issues to the picture. Then Flat solved all those issues after some tweaking of the electron guns. Now we are curved forward, I guess this is OK. It does work well in large format 235/1 video projection screens. One thing I can say for sure, if they are wall mountable, they will stick off the wall quite a bit and in a lot of installations, it could get real ugl, especially fireplaces. Time will tell if the consumers will find this style acceptable.