OfficeMax Launches Remote “ctrlcenter”

OfficeMax announced earlier this week that it has launched a new remote tech support service called ctrlcenter, which is meant to assist its customers in the manner of Best Buy’s Geek Squad and Circuit City’s firedog.

The service consists primarily of remote services; unlike its two competitors, it does not provide on-site visits or drop-off services. What it does do is allow tech support personnel to log on remotely to computers in remove viruses and spyware, install software, and perform other services.

Ctrlcenter offers repair services at eight different price points, ranging from $50 to $500. The new service also includes a Web site,, which can also be accessed through OfficeMax previously experimented with a home tech-support service called MaxInstall, which was launched in 2004 but later discontinued.

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  • http://TCrawfors T Crawfors

    Unable to reach CTRICENTER by phone, when will it be up for business? I have a problems.<br />
    <br />
    ID# 166594

  • http://ABarnhart A Barnhart

    Unable to reach ctrlcenter for 3 days. Learned they have file for bankruptcy. ?? <br />

  • ass

    are you afraid to list a phone number?