Panasonic Announces Pricing and Availability of New Headphones

Panasonic announced pricing and availability of new 2014 headphone models called the RP-HC800 Noise-Cancellign Headphones, RP-BTD10 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones, RP-HS34 Sport Clip Headphones and the RP-BTGS10 Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones. They are available now at

The Panasonic RP-HC800 headphones use ANC with Feed-back Noise Canceling Technology. They are available for MSRP $299.99.

The Panasonic RP-BTD10 utilize a cordless setup and NFC technology. They will be available in May for MSRP $199.99.

The Panasonic RP-HS34 headphones are lightweight and water/sweat resistant. They are available in black, yellow, red, purple, blue, and white and are available now for MSRP $19.99.

The RP-BTGS10 provides sound transmission via bone conduction. The headphones sit in front of a user’s ear instead of inside the user’s ear. This allows for simultaneous music listening and listening to one’s outside world. The headphones will be available in May for MSRP $199.99.

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