Panasonic Expands “Avatar” 3D Promotion Again

Panasonic Monday announced another change to its “Avatar” 3D Blu-ray promotion. The company will now include the 3D Blu-ray of James Cameron’s popular film along with any Panasonic Blu-ray 3D Disc Player or 3D Home Theater System.

The offer, in which users will receive the film via mail-in rebate, is available now through February of next year. The “Avatar” 3D Blu-ray was originally only available with a specific home theater system; it remains exclusively available from Panasonic.

“As a leader in Full HD 3D technology, Panasonic is proud to offer this exclusive bonus designed to give consumers the opportunity to bring the immersive world of 3D and AVATAR 3D into their homes,” Richard Simone, Vice President of Panasonic’s Entertainment Group, said as part of the announcement.

“We are confident that a Panasonic Blu-ray 3D Disc player or system is the best possible way to fully appreciate the added dimension of this stunning movie while in the comfort of one’s home.”

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