Panasonic, HSN Team on Shop By Remote App

HSN's Mindy Grossman and Panasonic's Shiro Kitajima explain the new HSN Shop by Remote app

A screen capture from the HSN Shop by Remote app, as shown on a Panasonic Smart VIERA TV

A screen capture showing the MyHomeScreen feature

Panasonic and HSN have partnered on an interactive home shopping app that is launching initially via Panasonic’s Smart VIERA platform on the company’s lineup of 2013 VIERA Connect TVs and Blu-ray players. The HSN Shop By Remote app was jointly demonstrated at a Panasonic pre-CES press briefing Monday by Panasonic Consumer Marketing Company North America president Shiro Kitajima and HSN CEO Mindy Grossman.

The app, announced in conjunction with the launch of the revamp of the web site, allows the HSN Channel to be customized to the preferences of the shopper. It lets viewers get detailed information on products, delve into customer reviews, and watch videos of product demonstrations – all potentially leading to a purchase with just a few clicks of the remote.

That innovation was one of a number of functions Panasonic chose to showcase about its 2013 TV product lineup. The company is fielding 32 new HDTV models including 16 plasma sets in 42-to-65-inch screen sizes, and 16 LED TVs in 32-to-65-inch screen sizes.

Highlighted features in the 2013 Smart VIERA range included MyHomeScreen, which permits aggregation of favorite personal content, TV programs, and web choices onto a single home screen that can be personalized for each viewer in the home. Select 2013 Smart VIERA models will also carry voice interaction functionality. A Swipe and Share 2.0 feature permits transfer of videos and photos back and forth between Panasonic TVs and mobile devices, and a Touch Pen feature lets viewers of photos “edit” the image on the TV screen and transfer the altered image back to the iOS or Android mobile device.

The company also showed products in categories other than video. The SC-NP10 Bluetooth wireless speaker, aimed at tablet users, is not a docking station and so is compatible with various tablet models and sizes. Demonstrated in the headphone category was a Bluetooth-endowed bone-conduction model, RP-BTGS10, that lets users hear a music source clearly without impeding their hearing of ambient sounds. The headphones sit directly in front of the user’s ear canal rather than inside the canal, and vibrations move through the bone directly into the auditory nerve.

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