IFA 2012: Panasonic Prepares for the Future of Smart Living

At IFA 2012 in Berlin, Panasonic placed the emphasis on the future of smart living, as it highlighted its environmental leadership, and new connected TVs, cameras, and appliances.

Starting furthest down the road and working back, Panasonic Europe CEO and Chairman Laurent Abadie reviewed the company’s involvement in Japan’s CO2-free smart town, Fujisawa. Then Abadie announced that Panasonic is one of four contractors designing Moscow’s Skolkovo innovation city. That won’t be open until 2015.

Next, giving a sneak peek into the future of displays, Panasonic Director of AVC Marketing, Global Consumer Marketing Sector, Shiro Nishiguchi unveiled prototypes for a 145″ 8k super Hi Vision plasma display panel TV, a 20″ 4K LED display, and and a 103″ glasses-less 3D plasma, which it called the world’s largest.

Back to the present, Panasonic announced it is updating the Viera smart TV line, and adding new ways to operate smart appliances and electronics with smartphones or tablets.

Panasonic increased its Viera LED TV line by 60%, while reducing power consumption by 25% on those sets. Top of the class is the new 60″ TX-L60ET5 Viera smart TV.

In the digital imaging field, Panasonic has positioned itself to be a leader in the mirrorless category with a new compact light-weight system, highlighting units including the GH2, GX1, and G5, as well as 3 new lenses bringing the total to 20.

Bringing it all together, Panasonic Director of TV Group Fabien Roth then showed off how the Lumix SZ5 Wi-Fi connected camera could share contact directly to a smart TV with the Lumix app. The app also enables the user to push or pull a picture between a connected phone, tablet, or TV. Similarly content could be streamed directly from the TV tuner to the tablet.

Appliances also took the stage in the Panasonic ecosystem. The company prepared for a future of touch enabled appliances and cloud control. Appliances Marketing Division, Global Consumer Marketing Sector, Director Yukio Nakashima showed how induction technology will allow cordless kitchen appliances.

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