Panasonic’s Spring 2013 Intros in Plasma and LCD LED

Satoshi Kitamura, product manager for Panasonic's Display Group, with the 60-inch ZT Series plasma TV

Jack Oh, LCD product manager, shows off the smart calibration feature

Michelle Redmond, plasma product manager, shows how the touch pen works on a plasma screen

Troy Livingston, Home Entertainment product manager, with the SC-HTB770S soundbar system

Panasonic will ship the balance of its CES-announced 2013 plasma and LCD TVs beginning late this month through June, with innovations that it said at a New York City demonstration Tuesday adhere to the company’s five pillar concepts underpinning its Smart VIERA product portfolio: picture quality, easy operation, networking, eco-friendliness and good design.

The company has pared its number of plasma series from six in 2012 to five, and its LCD series from nine in 2012 to seven, this year. All LCD models are now LED, and all are edge-lit except for the entry-level B series.

The plasma lines are led by the two-model ZT series in 65- and 60-inch sizes, shipping in June (prices to be announced). Panasonic is characterizing these flagship sets as their “beyond reference” TVs, boasting “ultimate black” levels. Plasma picture quality enhancements include increased color gamut purity due to the use of a new red phosphor, along with bettered motion-image reproduction and minimalized afterimages, due to the development of a faster Focused Field Drive (FFD) specification, upped from 1/2500th of a second in 2012 to 1/3000th of a second this year.

The plasma three-model VT series ships in mid-April (65-, 60- and 55-inch sizes at $3,599.99, $2,999.99 and $2,599.99, respectively). The plasma four-model ST series is available now in 65-, 60-, 55- and 50-inch sizes, as is the plasma S series in 65-, 60- and 50-inch sizes; the latter model has an SRP of $829.99.

LED models are as large as 60 inches, and they start at $799.99 for the 42-inch E Series SKU, and range upward in price to the $2,999.99 WT series 55-inch model due out in mid-April. Picture quality enhancements include the use of a re-engineered IPS panel in the flagship WT series as well as the DT and ET series; the panel is said to significantly reduce washed-out images common with off-angle viewing while increasing brightness, color and contrast. Use of the new IPS panel has also enabled Panasonic to offer a wider range of Energy Star 6.0 LED products.

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