Paradigm Now Shipping Soundtrack 2 System

Paradigm has announced that it has begun shipping its Soundtrack 2 product, described by the company as a 6-driver soundbar and wireless subwoofer system
“When it comes to all-in-one value-oriented powered audio solutions, our Soundtrack™ 2 system is a winner,” Mark Aling, Senior Director of Marketing for Paradigm, said as part of the announcement.

“Its high level of performance combined with a non-technical setup in a placement-friendly format, is what today’s smaller living spaces are calling for. Bluetooth with aptX streaming, Music and Movie modes with Paradigm Virtual Surround and Dolby Digital decoding add hugely to the Soundtrack2 experience. Whether as the primary system or as a secondary system in bedrooms, dens, dorms, etc., customers are going to experience a music and movie experience that’s very higher caliber. The built in amplifier make it a virtually plug’n play system.”

The product’s MAP is $899.99.

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