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Dare to Lead in 2013

Singular passion generates team success

November 14, 2012 By Peter Weedfald
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Remember passion? Those of you who ran with me fast and hard while I was SVP of sales and marketing with the Samsung Electronics team remember our dedication to market leadership. It was a time when we were neither predator nor prey to the mighty consumer electronic brands at the time. There may have been times when our market share was down, but we were all hungry and wide-eyed, and we came back together to build a market and create a valuable brand. We earned the trust of our retail partners, surpassed our established competitors, and became a new market leader. Our passion created a united front and yielded positive results.

Earning shelf space was hard work, but we followed the cry of, Let’s Dare To Lead Together! We won many battles using our most competitive weapon: unyielding, unstoppable passion. I was privileged to lead such a passionate team of Spartan professionals against formidable market Titans.

I continue to believe that the following leadership practices created stronger forecasts, lasting advantages, and more team-related success stories:

1. Organizational Leadership
Human capital is your company brand. Your team is responsible for articulating your brand promise to your consumers and channel partners. When defined, your product strategy must be your brand engine: tuned, primed and focused to make a market and win share. You should build a leadership team that runs faster, smarter and longer than your competition.

2. The Dignity of Knowledge
Knowledge is power. The shared knowledge of market opportunity, buyers, competitive products, research, competitive pricing and channel strategies are essential. Knowledge must be shared, supported and challenged. Knowledge should be expressed in the form of business plans, not standard Power Point presentations. Each must be reviewed, critiqued and signed off by the team leader.

3. Sales & Marketing: One + One = Won
Product and sales management need to be united as one, not two. The 4 P’s of the business (product, placement, pricing and promotion) need to be clearly assigned. Placement and promotion is the core assignment of sales, while product and pricing is “owned” by product management.
Your greatest advantages are the combination of co-op, MDF and below-the-line advertising dollars that form one competitive force, united with your retailers’ sales processes. Your whole strategy should be designed to best reach and sell their customers on your benefits.

4. Creativity and Imagination Allows You To Escape the Predictable


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