Pioneer Electronics Unveil New Products at CE Week

Russ Johnson of Pioneer

Pioneer Electronics revealed the new Speaker Bar system (SP-SB23W) in a press conference at CE Week.

The Speaker Bar system was designed by Andrew Jones, contains six individual amplifiers, and is made from composite wood to generate better sound quality. There is also a wireless subwoofer and Bluetooth music streaming. The Speaker Bar is set to release in late August at a price point of $399.

Pioneer also discussed their upcoming innovations in the area of car entertainment. The main discussion point was integrating the smartphone into the car and safely. With that, they unveiled the new AppRadio 3. What’s new is the inclusion of MirrorLink, voice recognition/control, Bluetooth audio streaming/control, and CD/DVD playback (when parked). There are two models, one will be $499 and the other $399; the only difference being the second excludes the CD/DVD drive.

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