Polk Rolls Out Product-Packed Bus and Drives the Heritage Collection

Polk CMO Blair Tripodi steps into the “Listen To the Music” bus, which the company will roll out to retailers for training and special customer events.

Polk's Camden Square Bluetooth speaker with 24-hour battery life and the DJ Stream app

New bus equipped for dealer training on gaming and higher-end audio gear

Polk Audio is rolling out a tour bus packed with new product demos and a fully equipped recording studio to key retailers, as well as sporting events and concerts, across the country.

The bus is part of the company’s new “Listen to the Music” marketing campaign to support a new line of gaming headphones, a soundbar designed for Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox 1, and the new Heritage Collection of headphones and Bluetooth speakers.

A cornerstone of the campaign is a contest for consumers to send in a video recording of their version of the Doobie Brothers classic “Listen to the Music.” Contestants can also visit the bus when it rolls through their town to record their masterpiece. The rolling recording studio features GoPro Hero video cameras, an electronic drum kit, guitars and other instruments. A number of high-end prizes are up for grabs.

“The whole campaign is about connecting consumers to their love of music,” said Blair Tripodi, CMO of DEI Holdings, Polk’s parent company.

Polk will also use the bus as a training center for managers and sales associates of the largest CE retailers down to the mom-and-pops, Tripodi said. While in town, Polk will coordinate special customer demo days and other consumer-related events with the retailers.

“We’ll teach the retailers about the different designs, materials and technologies that go into the new products,” Tripodi said. “It’s a combination effort because while we’re at the retailer we also want to reach the consumer.”

Some of the gaming products, set for release this month, include the N1 ($299.95) 39-inch soundbar, designed in collaboration with Microsoft to go with the Xbox 1, scheduled to hit shelves toward the end of November. The Bluetooth speaker has four built-in Immersion Modes – Forza Racer, Halo Warrior, Music and Cinema -optimized for the chosen experience.

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