Polk Debuts Gaming Headset at E3

Polk this week introduced its new Striker gaming headset at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles. The product, Polk said, offers the gaming market “audiophile-grade sound performance in a well-constructed, affordable and attractive design.”

The introduction comes a year after Polk entered the gaming industry for the first time at last year’s E3.

“With the Striker, our goal is to fill a void in the gaming headset market by offering an affordable headphone option that delivers dynamic sound during all aspects of a game―whether it’s dialogue between characters or an intense action sequence,” Mark Suskind, vice president of user experience at Polk, said as part of the announcement.

“As we continue to make significant investments in gaming, all of our supporting innovations will be designed to enhance and expand the rich, multifaceted audio elements within games played on any console.”

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