Prelaunch Debuts CrowdDiscount Program

The preorder site Prelaunch this week announced the launch of its new CrowdDiscount program. The program, the company said, “makes emerging technologies accessible to more consumers while providing young brand partners with exposure and sales as their new products enter the production stage.”

The accessory maker TREWGrip is the first brand partner.

“TREWGrip is the perfect example of why the program exists. The keyboard has been well received and in demand since the introduction of the first prototype. The company wants to bring down the price of the device so it’s more accessible to the mobile masses,” Donald Brewer, co-founder and president of Prelaunch, said as part of the announcement.

“By working with Prelaunch and securing orders prior to production, the company has a better understanding of demand and can better control production costs, which benefits everyone involved. As more people participate in the campaign, the price for TREWGrip can drop by as much as $100.”

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