CEDIA Expo: Projecting New Technologies

Epson Unveils its Latest 2D and 3D HD Projectors
Epson America’s next generation of full HD 1080p 2D and 3D home projectors include the 3LCD PowerLite Pro Cinema 6020UB (November, sub-$4,000), Home Cinema 5020UB/5020UBe (October, sub-$3,000) and 3020/3020e (available in October online and through dealers, sub-$2,000). The projectors feature up to 2,400 lumens of color and white brightness, aimed at 3D viewing, and 2D-to-3D. They also come with two pairs of RF 3D glasses that last up to 40 hours or up to three hours with a new three-minute quick charge. For custom installation, the 5020UBe and 3020e feature a built-in WirelessHD receiver, along with an external transmitter, and five HDMI inputs.

JVC Makes Another “Shift”
JVC’s new projectors feature upgraded e-shift technology, which upconverts and scales 2D content to a 4K signal. Called e-shift2, it’s available in seven new JVC projectors. Other new features aimed at enhancing performance include an illumination system and a polarizing wire grid combination for higher native contrast.
JVC’s 2013 projectors are the Procision Series DLA-X95R ($11,999), DLA-X75R ($7,999), DLA-X55R($4,999) and DLA-X35 ($3,499), marketed by JVC’s Consumer AV Group, and the Reference Series DLA-RS66 ($11,999), DLA-RS56 ($7,999), DLA-RS4810 ($5,095), DLA-RS48 ($4,999) and DLA-RS46 ($3,499), available through JVC Professional Products Company. All are 3D-enabled and all except for the base models in each series offer e-shift2.
Other enhancements new for 2013 include new active shutter glasses (PK-AG3 RF 3D Glasses $179) that use RF rather than IR technology for more stable synchronization and extended range; remote control smartphone apps; and additional lens memory settings.

Sim2 Goes Quattro
SIM2 took the opportunity to roll out its CINEMAQUATTRO 4K DLP 3-Chip projector, available in the fourth quarter. The new model uses Christie technology for optimized 4K resolution and features up to 20,000 ANSI Lumens, Triple Flash 3D technology, SIM2’s exclusive High Contrast and Colorimetry Profiles, a user replaceable Xenon bubble lamp, and remote monitoring. Pricing wasn’t announced.

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