BenQ Has A New Story To Tell

Stephanie Kohler demonstrates BenQ’s JoyBee GP2 (MSRP $549) mini projector. The LED projector is HD ready and is aimed at the gaming and education markets.
Projectors and specialty monitors fuel renewed retail strategy

SmartEco is designed to provide 6,500 hours of lamp life. It automatically adjusts the lamp power to maximize power savings by delivering the best contrast and brightness performance using only as much light as needed, Wudeck said. “One of our advantages is to be innovative, to come out with technology first and faster than the competition,” Wudeck said.
BenQ America realized that to sell such a highly commoditized product as a monitor, it had to have true differentiators. So it recently launched the VW30 series (VW2230H $179 and VW2430H $249) of all-white Mac-compatible asymmetrical LED monitors. The units have no printing, coating or adhesives on the surface for a pure, modern look. They include a removable smartphone stand at the base and can connect to any MacBook through an M-book mode to create the notebook’s picture quality on the 21.5-inch or 24-inch displays. A new Reading Mode adjusts the monitor settings automatically to simulate the warmth of reading paper.

BenQ has also become the official monitor of Major League Gaming and has received input and feedback from the league’s pro gamers on its XL, RL and GL line of Professional Gaming Monitors; each series is optimized for a particular game title.

“Gaming is a whole demographic shift to an under-25 audience. They’re as passionate as NASCAR fans,” Wudeck said, also referring to a broader market that retailers can tap. “In a commodity market like monitors, we had to think of something that the others haven’t done. Right now, we’re the only ones that focus on gaming.”

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