ProSource Goes to Asia

ProSource said this week that its leaders recently visited Asia to meet with audio manufacturers, including D&M, Yamaha, Harman/Kardon, and Onkyo/Integra.

“Audio is an extremely important category for our group,” Dave Workman, President/CEO of ProSource and President/COO of PRO Group, said in a statement.. “While other buying groups might travel to Asia for video, few do the same for the audio category. At ProSource, however, we recognize the tremendous value for both our dealers and manufacturers in these types of collaborative discussions. These powerful, in-person meetings allowed us to share views and find subsets in the audio category that are expected to grow.”

“We always come away from these trips with a better understanding of how to better sell audio and where our dealers can excel,” Jim Ristow, EVP of Home Entertainment Source, said. “We will now work closely with our members to develop these growth areas into a plan of action and begin to build new initiatives in the audio category that will benefit both members and manufacturers alike.”

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